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About the German Bangladesh Initiative e.V.

The German Bangladesh Initiative e.V. is a charitable association based in Germany with the aim to strengthen the cooperation between the German and Bangladeshi people. The association promotes cultural, scientific, economic and development cooperation between the two countries with the aim of international understanding. The association has the task to unite the many actors of the German-Bangladeshi relations in science, culture, economy, media and development policy, to improve the often missing communication between them and to form a strong social initiative for the cooperation of both countries and their citizens. The German Bangladesh Initiative e.V. with its members and cooperation partners is to represent a supporting network and to have a positive effect on the society of both countries with its work and thus contribute to international understanding.

In Germany and Bangladesh the association shall be a contact person and mediator between representatives of both countries and as an excellently networked link promote the exchange between representatives of both countries. The association regularly invites representatives of both countries to country-specific discussions in all relevant areas and to delegation trips to the respective other country. The formation and organization of working groups of both countries with the aim of exchange, transfer of experience and knowledge and cooperation form the basis of the association's work. The will for international understanding and cooperation of both countries shall be expressed in the emblem of the association with the colors of the Federal Republic of Germany black, red, yellow and the colors of the People's Republic of Bangladesh green and red with the unifying color red in the center of the emblem.

The German Bangladesh Initiative e.V. is an open association that welcomes private individuals, institutes, organizations, companies and associations as members and as cooperation partners to jointly promote in a fruitful and fraternal manner the German Bangladeshi friendship in various ways between all members of the society who are interested in starting and intensifying the exchange of ideas, values, knowledge and experiences as well as trade.

The German Bangladesh Initiative e.V. sees itself as an initiator, initiator and supporter of social work. We want to encourage people to approach each other and to take the first steps towards intercultural activities on their own responsibility. May this endeavor lead to a lively and intensive exchange between the population groups of both countries and contribute to the prosperity of both countries.

Areas of activity of the association

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Statutes of the Association

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